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Science at St Andrew's

Science at St Andrew's

Exciting things are happening with regards to science in school.  Our aim is to raise awareness and promote outstanding teaching and learning in science. Science is a subject that is enjoyed by all children and we hope to give them lots of exciting opportunities to be actively involved in many ways while enhancing their enjoyment and understanding of a core subject. 

We have Science Ambassadors across KS2 and in Year 2 classes and their role is to keep an eye on the news for current science related articles and events that they think will be of interest to share with other children. 

Primary Science Quality Mark

PQSM Silver 2017(1)

We are delighted to have been awarded the prestigious Primary Science Quality Mark.  This award demonstrates the strength of the Science teaching and opportunities our pupils have at St Andrew's. 

For more information about the award please see the PSQM website at www.psqm.org.uk

Science News

School Science Morning on 4 April 

Just before Easter, the whole school took part in an exciting Science morning with the aim of promoting scientific questioning and reasoning.  Each year group participated in age appropriate activities that encompassed the curriculum and beyond.  Every child was given the opportunity to take part in some fantastic hands-on investigations that promoted scientific discussion with their teachers and peers. 

EYFS set out a huge array of Science related child-initiated activities but with a focus on melting and freezing.  The children then applied this learning to make some delicious chocolate Easter cakes.  Key Stage 1 also did a range of awe-inspiring activities between the two year groups including creating cornflour slime and sweetie rainbows, investigating paper water lilies and making butter by hand with nothing but double cream and a glass jar.  The best part was trying it afterwards!

Key stage 2 embraced activities including building paper straw structures to take different weights, cleaning muddy water using a range of filtering equipment and having a competition to see who could build the best paper aeroplane using different sized paper and paper clips.  One child even built a catapult for their aeroplane.  Year 6 continued working on their DT projects by investigating electric circuits to power their fun-fair carousels.   All in all, it was a fantastic morning – a big thank you to all the teachers and children for making it such a special experience.

Report by Mrs Cole - Science Lead

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