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Mrs Godfrey - TA 

Welcome to our Year 4 class page. 

Our topic for the first half-term will be Ancient Egypt. In this exciting History based topic, we will be discovering the history of all things Ancient Egyptian, starting with our very own archaeological dig! We will carry out a Design and Technology project linked to our topic, creating a sarcophagus for a rather fishy mummy! In ART lessons we will be studying Ancient carving and sculpture, culminating in creating our very own soap carvings. On 30th September we will have an Egyptian themed day with ‘Those History People’ as well as our own WOW event on 23rd October.

In the second half-term, our topic is States of Matter. This Science and Geography based topic will have a focus on Solids, Liquids and Gases as well as the Water Cycle. Our Art lessons for the half term will look at shades of blue and develop our colour mixing skills to consider tone, shade and tint.

Autumn Term 2019-20

Spring Term 2020

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